Event schedule

Sunday - ScalaBridge Workshop

A free workshop designed for those underrepresented in tech

Day 1
ScalaBridge Workshop
  • Yifan Xing Northeastern University

Monday - Practice day

Workshops & Unconference are included in the ticket price

Day 2
Open Doors & Registration

Open Doors and registration

Functional Programming Unconference
Coffee Break ☕️

The best time to talk with sponsors, speakers, and attendees

Lenses – Laparoscopic Surgery for your Objects
  • Michael Long Deciphernow

Clojure By Example: What could one do with just a bit of Clojure?
  • Aditya Athalye Vayana Network

Building Purely Functional Microservices
  • Francisco Diaz 47 Degrees

How to Talk to Your Compiler
  • Julie Moronuki Typeclasses.com

Cocktails with Sponsors & Museum Playtime 🍸

Venture to the 2nd floor for a throwback retro computer party! 🕹

The second floor of the museum hosts scores of microcomputers, emulations, mainframes, and minicomputers. Explore and utilize retro computing and game systems, enjoy food, drinks, music, and good conversations with good people.

Tuesday - λ Day

This schedule is subject to change 🤷‍♂️

Day 3
Open Doors & Breakfast 🥞

Open the doors and registration

Opening Keynote: There and Back Again
  • Edward Kmett Digital Asset

Bringing the Jewels of the Python world to Scala with Spark
  • Holden Karau Google

Introduction to the Unison programming language
  • Rúnar Bjarnason

Architecting Typed FP Applications & Libraries in Kotlin with Λrrow
  • Raul Raja 47 Degrees

Rethinking compilers with live coding
  • Tomas Petricek University of Kent

Lunch Break 🍴

Enjoy some good eats while chatting with speakers, sponsors, and other attendees

What FP can learn from Smalltalk
  • Aditya Siram Comcast

How to look like a statistician: a developer's guide to probabilistic programming
  • Evelina Gabasova, PhD The Alan Turing Institute

Abstract your representations (and fix your functors)
  • Susan Potter Daily Kos

Fury: Rage Against the Ecosystem
  • Jon Pretty Propensive Ltd

Coffee Break ☕️

The best time to talk with sponsors, speakers, and attendees

Distributed Systems in Functional Programming
  • Yifan Xing Northeastern University

The Radix Tree: How IntMap Works
  • Tikhon Jelvis Target

Closing Keynote